Immersing someone in water can be an odd experience in our culture but we believe baptism is a significant part of the Christian life. Here are three reasons why you might consider or see someone baptized:
  1. Baptism is a step of obedience when you place your faith in Jesus.  Jesus instructed his disciples to make disciples and baptize them, therefore baptism is a continuation of Jesus’ commission and command.
  2. Baptism is a visible external sign of an inward spiritual reality.   We believe Jesus physically lived, died and rose again and that baptism is a spiritual symbol of this death to life reality. When an individual decides to follow Jesus, they are baptized as a way of identifying with Jesus and with others who are followers of Him.
  3. Baptism is an invitation to the wider Christian community of faith. This invitation is oneof accountability, support and encouragement and we love joining our brothers and sisters in their journey. Baptism, in this sense, is the reception after the wedding, a celebration of new life.
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