Reunion Live

Join Us In-Person

Starting on September 12th, we’ll be gathering weekly at 9am for in-person Reunion services at 75 Norfolk Street. These gatherings are focused on corporate worship through singing, teachings from Scripture, and practicing the ordinances of communion and baptism. To register, click below. For suggestions on where to park, see below.

If you’re not yet able to join us in person, you can always watch the livestream.

Registration FAQ'S

You can register for all Church of the City events at

Any member of your household who is wanting to attend an in-person gathering needs to be registered (including children and infants). You, the person doing the registration, register as 'Registering Attendee'. Anyone else who will be in the service with you should be registered as an 'Other Attendee'. You'll register any children who will be participating in our CityKids program within their appropriate group.

It's likely we will be able to find space for you - we will contact you late in the week after registration closes to let you know how things look.

General FAQ's

Try to arrive between 15-30 minutes before the start of the service - we need time to sign everyone in and get you seated. When you arrive, you'll head to the main entrance that faces Norfolk Street. If there is a line, use the 2m markings on the ground to properly distance yourself from other households. If you need an accessible entrance, one of our Frontlines team will be happy to escort you to the side entrance, which is an accesible entrance.

Each attendee will be asked the three required COVID screening questions before you are cleared to enter. Because we cannot pass the offering plate, there will be an offering box just past the front doors. Once signed in,  you'll be shown to your seat by a volunteer. Once seated, we'd ask you to remain in your seat until the end of the service unless you need to use a washroom, change or feed a child, or if you are feeling unwell and need to leave the building. We'll dismiss families to take their kids to the CityKids program after we have the opportunity to sing together.

There will be some changes from what our in-person gatherings used to look like. Most obvious is that we'll be maintaining social distancing in the auditorium and masks will remain on for the duration of our time indoors. On a broader level, we are wanting to increasingly use our in-person church-wide gatherings to emphasize the things that are best done as a whole church: worshipping through singing, the ordinances of communion and baptism, and sharing testimonies of God's work in our midst.

Public Health has required that places of worship modify certain activities, like singing, or cut them out altogether. For us, musical worship is an important part of our gathering together and so we will be singing together at a moderate volume, wearing masks the entire time.

Two main reasons - first, safety has always been a top priority for our CityKids ministry and so while we might technically be able to run a program with all of our usual age-groups, we've decided to proceed at a slower pace and expand the classes available when we can maintain a level of safety we are comfortable with. Second, CityKids requires a large volunteer roster, which after a long break from in-person gatherings needs to be built back up. If you're willing to volunteer with our CityKids ministry, email and we'll chat!

We know that reduced CityKids programming will mean that more children are with their parents in the service and that some families might prefer that initially, regardless. In that case, simply register your child as an 'Other Attendee' and they can sit with you during the service. Please note that children who are not registered in CityKids must stay with their family for the duration of their time in the building, so please do not let them run off to interact with other households.

Sadly, no mingling can take place within the building at this time. You'll be directed out of the building at the appropriate time and can say hello to others outside if you desire, while maintaining appropriate social distancing.

As has always been the case, volunteers are needed to pull these gatherings off. If you were previously engaged on a volunteer team and have contact info for your team leader - send them a message! If you've lost their info or are new to volunteering, email us at and we'll find you a spot!

The church has been cleaned and sanitized prior to your arrival and will be cleaned and sanitized after you leave. We will also wipe down all high contact surfaces during the gathering, and are using a detailed checklist to ensure that our enhanced cleaning measures are being consistently executed.