So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.

Romans 10:17


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Our Latest Podcasts


Pastor Spencer concludes our Vision series by highlighting our third value: Mission.  


Pastor Matt teaches week two of our Vision series exploring who we are and what we want to be about in the next season.  In this episode, we explore one of our new values: Formation.


Pastor Matt teaches part one of our Vision Series, clarifying who we are and where we want to go in our desire to see our communities look more like heaven, so every person has a relationship with Jesus. 

Pleasure (Part Four): The Vine & the Branches

Pastor Matt concludes our series in John 15 v1-11 exploring a fourth characteristic of relationship with Jesus: pleasure.  

Promises (Part Three): The Vine & the Branches

Pastor Matt continues our summer series in John 15 v1-11 looking at the promises Jesus makes to those who attach to Him.  

Listening & Learning: New Hope Youth Centre & First Peoples in Canada

Pastor Matt is joined by Tim Brown, Executive Director of Hope Story and Clarence Meekis, an Indigenous Canadian and an elder at New Hope Church in Thunderbay to listen and learn about the experience of Indigenous peoples in Canada historically and today. 

Racism, Justice & the Gospel (Part Two)

Pastor Matt interviews Raja Stone (UCC Waterloo), Albert Chunrg (Trinity Grace Church Toronto) and Michael Harris (Kingdom Life Church, Guelph) about racism, justice and the gospel.  This is part two of a two part conversation. 

The Deceiver & The Deceived: Matthew 5v17-23

Pastor Matt explores Jesus’ concluding remarks in the Sermon on the Mount and why they are important for disciples of Jesus today. What does it mean to follow Jesus and what must we be aware of and cautious about?

Ask & It Will Be Given: Matthew 7v-14

Pastor Spencer digs into Jesus inviation to ask and his promise to provide. But what does this mean?  Can we ask anything?

Do Not Be Anxious: Matthew 6v25-34

Pastor Matt unpacks what Jesus means by "Do not be anxious about your life," and whether or not this is distinct from a type of anxiety or worry that is about associated with planning and responsibility. 

Treasures: Matthew 6v19-24

Pastor Spencer unpacks for us Jesus teaching on treasures and the condition and impulse of our heart in relation to them. Do you have stuff or does your stuff have you?

Racism, Justice & the Gospel (Part One)

Pastor Matt interviews Raja Stone (UCC Waterloo), Albert Chunrg (Trinity Grace Church Toronto) and Michael Harris (Kingdom Life Church, Guelph) about racism, justice and the gospel.  This is part one of a two part conversation. 

Prayer & Fasting: Matthew 6v5-18

Pastor Matt leads us through Matthew 6v5-18 using the Discovery Bible Study method.  This way of reading and studying the Bible can be used on a regular basis in your own devotional time and with others. 

Giving to the Needy: Matthew 6v1-4

Cameron Ogilvie, one of our elders, helps us better understand the heart of Jesus teaching on giving to the "needy" in Matthew 6v1-4. 

Formation Workshops: Putting It All Together

In our final workshop, Dr. Nadine Nyhus speaks from her medical and psychiatirc education and experience to the value and significance of regulating our autonomic nervous systems and how doing so influences the spiritual practices. 

Formation Workshops: Sabbath

Join us for our sixth Formation Workshop digging into the discipline of Sabbath.  Our very own Spencer Adams teaches and guides the discussion. 

Jesus on Divorce & Remarriage: Matthew 5vv31-32

Join us as we continue in the Sermon on the Mount and Jesus' teaching on divorce and remarriage. 

Easter Sunday 2021 // Luke 24vv13-35: The Road to Emmaus

Pastor Spencer leads us through the Road to Emmaus narrative helping us understand Jesus's resurrection as good news, in the midst of confusion and pain. 

Formation Workshops: Silence & Solitude

Join us for our fifth lecture in our Formation Workshops digging into silence and solitude.  Our presenter was Dave Wilkinson, a Spirital Director with Soul Formation and who lives in the Northwest of the United States in Spokane, Washington. 

Good Friday 2021 // Matthew 26vv30-56: The Emotional Agony of Christ

This Good Friday we rememeber and reflect on the emotional agony of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane and what that tells us about God and his heart.