Tell Us Your Story

At Church of the City, we believe in sharing the love and good news of Jesus with our neighbours and the vulnerable, so that the lonely find deep community, the vulnerable find refuge, those in need receive provision, the suffering comforted, and broken relationships restored as God works through us to bring about more of his peace in our city.

We feel strongly that one important way we accomplish this is by sharing Stories of hope and transformation with one another. This page is designed for you to share your story or the stories of others that have had an impact on you, for the purposes of sharing their story publicly in an effort to uplift us all.

You can share your story by emailing us at, leaving us a voicemail at 1(226) 780-1236, or by submitting one digitally below. Let us know if the story is yours or someone else’s and if you have permission to share it. Either way, we love getting to hear from you!